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Academic Clubs

Academic Team

The Academic Team meets every Friday after school from the first week in October until the second week in June. From January to May they participate in various competitions around the state. Students don't have to be a "brainiac" to enjoy the group sessions; each student has some specific expertise or knowledge that contributes to the teamwork. Students learn how to bond as a team and discover their academic skills and talents.

Moderator: Mrs. Kowalski

AMC 12 (American Mathematics Competition)

The American Mathematics Competition is the first round of competitions culminating in the International Math Olympiad. All AP Calculus students participate in the AMC 12 in February. A select group of students from other math classes is also invited to participate.

Moderator: TBD

American Scholastic Mathematics Association Contests

ASMA sponsors a series of 6 international contests from October through April. Cumulative scores determine school winners and individual winners. Participation is open to any student at Immaculata of any grade level. Knowledge of Algebra I,II and Geometry is essential as are creative problem solving skills. 

Moderator: Mr. Castellano 

Debate Club

The Debate Club is designed to help students learn vital skills in the area of communication, oration and argumentation. The club will meet once or twice a month and learn various techniques and practice their skills. Even though the nature of debates is serious, we never forget to have fun along the way.

Moderator: Mrs. Eckert, Mrs. Jannuzzi

Mathworks Mega Math Challenge

The Mathworks Mega Math Challenge (formerly Moody's Mega Math Challenge) is a 14 hour mathematics modeling competition with a top prize of $20,000. Students working as a team of five download a problem on a previously unannounced topic. The team then has 14 hours to research the topic, solve the problem and submit a letter perfect paper with their solution. Each school may field two teams. Team members are chosen by the Mathematics Department.

Moderator: TBD

Magnificat (Yearbook)

The Magnificat, which honors our school's patroness the Blessed Mother, was first published in 1966 to honor the first graduating class. This student publication is produced within the Journalism class program, but volunteers can help every Tuesday morning (with a pass) during activity period. This all-color book with spectacular photography, layouts, and stories, tells the story of each year, touching upon the four pillars of Immaculata: faith, scholarship, service, and friendship. A senior breakfast is held to distribute the highly anticipated book to the future graduates and the younger students receive it later that day at a school-wide celebration.

Please enjoy the Spartan Spirit Newsletter: Graduation 2021 Special Addition Issue.

Moderator: Mr.Jesse Whalen

Mock Trial

Mock Trial, sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation in cooperation with the Somerset County Bar Foundation and the Vincent J. Apruzzese High School Mock Trial Competition, is held annually at the Somerset County Courthouse. Immaculata students, along with participating students from other schools, become attorneys, witnesses and jurors in the county-wide Mock Trial Competition which begins each January. Each year, students prepare for the case competition beginning in mid-fall. Each year the case is different. The goals of the competition are several-fold:

  • To increase comprehension of the historical, ethical and philosophical basis of the American system of justice.
  • To demystify the operation of the law, court procedures and the legal system.
  • To help students increase basic life and leadership skills such as listening, speaking,
  • writing, reading and analyzing.
  • To heighten appreciation for academic studies and promote positive scholastic
  • achievements.
  • To bring law to life for students through active preparation for and participation in the
  • competitions.
  • The goal is not to win for the sake of winning, but to learn and understand the meaning of good.
  • Citizenship in a democracy vis-a-vis our system of law and justice. In this sense, all the students who participate will be winners.

Moderator: Mrs. DeAngelo-Mustillo

Model United Nations

Model UN is an extracurricular activity in which students imitate delegates to the United Nations and "model" UN committees. Students are assigned to take a certain country's position on a global issue and research to form a resolution. Conferences are hosted by MUN-affiliated colleges or high schools and occur throughout the school year. At these conferences, students either solely or duly participate in a mock United Nations session. Club members will participate in meetings to discuss global issues and prepare for mock UN sessions. For the past 12 years, Immaculata has earned over 110 awards and has established itself as a powerhouse team.

Assistant Moderator: Mrs. Romano

Youth and Government

Youth and Government give students the opportunity to participate in a simulation of the NJ State Government during a yearly conference held at the State House in Trenton. Students can propose new laws, propose changes to/repeal existing laws, as well as many other aspects of state-level government. This is a great chance to work on public speaking, debate skills, and networking with students from schools all over New Jersey.