Second Generation Spartans

Second Generation spartans
Class of 2019 Alumni Parents

Most parents, if asked about their greatest joys in life, would answer that the happiness and success of their children hold a truly sacred place in their hearts. With youngsters growing up faster than ever in this digital age, parents must seize every opportunity to provide their children access to the knowledge and self-awareness that will serve them well once they become adults.

It is gratifying that so many Immaculata graduates chose their alma mater as the place where they entrust their children for their high school education. Each year at graduation all alumni parents accompany their children to the steps of the altar when diplomas were distributed. The emotion and pride are overwhelming. In addition, a legacy breakfast is held each spring to honor those alumni who make the commitment to the Immaculate Conception K-12 school system for their children. 

That tradition continues as the ranks of multi-generational Spartan families grow, with additional graduates electing to send their own children to the place where they themselves learned vital lessons about life, friendship, and community. According to Scott Mallory ’88 and Tina Clevett Mallory '87, "It was always a part of our plan to provide an opportunity for our kids to grow in the family atmosphere that Immaculata represents, and to experience the pride and traditional of being a Spartan. My daughter is a recent alumna, studying at Bucknell and my son is a senior. It has been a great experience seeing our children in the Spartan family." Michael Reno ‘87 graduated from Immaculata, but he and his wife did not initially choose to send their children to IHS. “Our son wanted to look at all options, including Somerville High School, but the Spartan for a Day visit convinced him that Immaculata was for him. For our daughter the placement test proctor did a great job talking about what it is to be a part of the Immaculata Family. After spending the day at the school for Spartan for a Day, she was hooked. Both kids are involved in campus ministry and faith (retreats) that they wouldn't have had in the traditional public environment; this has served to deepen their bond with Immaculata. Immaculata has become their family. Our children are Spartans and we couldn't be happier.”

Currently, Lois Duffy Castellano ’88 and her husband, Chris, have a son at Immaculata and another son, ready to come in two years. What made them consider Immaculata? “We recognize the value of the high level of education, the passion and dedication of the teachers, and the commitment to religious enrichment our children would receive from attending Immaculata. The knowledge and skills that they will learn will carry them far into adulthood, and their beliefs from ICS will be further reinforced at IHS. Immaculata is and always has been a tight-knit community and we are thrilled that our son is so immersed in the Spartan life.”