Faculty and Staff Directory

Main Switchboard: (908) 722-0200


Ms. Joan Silo, Ed.S., Head of School Ext. 112 jsilo@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Joseph Conry, Dean of Academics Ext. 118 jconry@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Thomas Gambino, Director of Athletics Ext. 154 tgambino@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Edward Webber, Dean of Students Ext. 114 ewebber@immaculatahighschool.org

Academics Office

Mr. Joseph Conry, Dean of Academics Ext. 118 jconry@immaculatahighschool.org

Activities Office

Mrs. Eileen Schneider Ext. 151 eschneider@immaculatahighschool.org

Admissions Office

Mrs. Michele Blandino, Director of Admissions Ext. 218 mblandino@immaculatahighschool.org

Advancement and Alumni Relations Office

Mrs. Stacey Mezzacca Geary, Advancement Associate Ext. 222 sgeary@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Terri Sapp, Advancement Assistant Ext. 223 tsapp@immaculatahighschool.org

Assistant Dean of Students

Mr. James Dimino, Assistant Dean of Students Ext. 122 jdimino@immaculatahighschool.org


Mr. Thomas Gambino, Director of Athletics Ext. 154 tgambino@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. James Dimino, Assistant Athletic Director Ext. 122 jdimino@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Peg Napolitano Ext. 115 pnapolitano@immaculatahighschool.org

Attendance Office

Absence Reporting Ext. 150
Mrs. Eileen Schneider Ext. 151 eschneider@immaculatahighschool.org


Mr. Joseph DeVito Ext. 159 jdevito@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Deirdre Rosinski* Ext. 160 drosinski@immaculatahighschool.org

Crisis Management

Mr. James Dimino Ext. 122 jdimino@immaculatahighschool.org

Campus Ministry

Mrs. Olivia Benson, Campus Ministry Ext. 219 obenson@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Maureen Cote*, Director Ext. 123 mcote@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Rich Grieshaber, Outreach Coordinator Ext. 221 rgrieshaber@immaculatahighschool.org
Fr. Tholitho, Director of Catholic Identity, Chaplain Ext. 220 frtholitho@immaculatahighschool.org


Mrs. Kristen Boczany Ext. 168 kboczany@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Nancy Bonham Ext. 192 nbonham@immaculatahighschool.org
Ms. Debbie DeaKyne Ext. 128 ddeakyne@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Irene Eckert* Ext. 177 ieckert@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Angel Nowak Ext. 183 anowak@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Laureen Romano Ext. 213 lromano@immaculatahighschool.org

Finance Office

Mrs. Lori Quinn, Business Manager Ext. 124 lquinn@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Lisa Patullo, Bookkeeper Ext. 113 lpatullo@immaculatahighschool.org


Mr. Gregory Arakelian Ext. 215 garakelian@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Shawanna Eugene Ext. 139 seugene@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Steven Hrabyk, Coordinator of Special Services Ext. 140 shrabyk@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Christine Kretz Ext. 119 ckretz@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Donna Peltack, Registrar Ext. 214 dpeltack@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Linda Tully, Coordinator of Guidance Services Ext. 136 ltully@immaculatahighschool.org

Main Office

Mrs. Patricia Tiger Ext. 110 ptiger@immaculatahighschool.org


Maintenance Ext. 130 maintenance@immaculatahighschool.org


Mr. Tim Cullen, Director of Marketing Ext. 125 tcullen@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Terry Kuboski, Director of Communications Ext. 169 tkuboski@immaculatahighschool.org

Mathematics, Technology & Business

Mr. Michael Giangreco Ext. 117 mgiangreco@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Kristin Marra Ext. 149 kmarra@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Elaine Petsu* Ext. 190 epetsu@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Rachel Schneider Ext. 171 rsoltis@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Donna Servedio Ext. 174 dservedio@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. John Wilder Ext. 165 jwilder@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Kathleen Zoda Ext. 196 kzoda@immaculatahighschool.org

Media Center

Mrs. Danita Marrosu, Media Center Coordinator Ext. 121 dmarrosu@immaculatahighschool.org


Mr. Michael Gasko* Ext. 132 mgasko@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Eric Kassay  Ext. 132 ekassay@immaculatahighschool.org
Ms. Sonia Sparkes Ext. 132 ssparkes@immaculatahighschool.org


Mrs. Mary Ann Smeader Ext. 126 nurse@immaculatahighschool.org

Physical Education

Miss Nicole Palazzi* Ext. 152 npalazzi@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. William Rooney Ext. 131 wrooney@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Scott Sheppard Ext. 198 ssheppard@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Greg Watson Ext. 207 gwatson@immaculatahighschool.org


Dr. Robert Berckes Ext. 178 rberckes@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. George Gunzelman Ext. 147 ggunzelman@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Albert Kedersha Ext. 163 akedersha@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Michele Kowalski* Ext. 201 mkowalski@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Mayura Patel Ext. 181 mpatel@immaculatahighschool.org
Dr. Jonathan Rivlin Ext. 210 jrivlin@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Kristin Sklios Ext. 194 ksklios@immaculatahighschool.org

Social Studies

Mr. Michael Columbo Ext. 170 mcolumbo@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Janine Mustillo Ext. 191 jmustillo@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. James Dimino Ext. 122 jdimino@immaculatahighschool.org
Miss Joann Fantina Ext. 162 jfantina@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Peter Keller Ext. 182 pkeller@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Joseph Servedio* Ext. 195 jservedio@immaculatahighschool.org

Technology Department

Mr. John Lagola, Director of Technology Ext. 148 jlagola@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Michael Giangreco, Instructional Technology Facilitator Ext. 117 mgiangreco@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Danita Marrosu, Website Content Manager Ext. 121 dmarrosu@immaculatahighschool.org
Service Ext. 148 service@immaculatahighschool.org


Mrs. Olivia Benson Ext. 219 obenson@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Elena Dwyer Ext. 161 edwyer@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Patricia Jannuzzi* Ext. 173 pjannuzzi@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Jill Kerekes Ext. 166 jkerekes@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Michelle Kovach Ext. 184 mkovach@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Magdalena Parlin Ext. 199  mparlin@immaculatahighschool.org
Fr. Tholitho, Director of Catholic Identity, Chaplain Ext. 220 frtholitho@immaculatahighschool.org

World Languages

Mrs. Muriel Adam Ext. 193 madam@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Juan Carlos Castrillon Ext. 197 jcastrillon@immaculatahighschool.org
Mr. Gordon Gannon Ext. 157 ggannon@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Magdalena Parlin Ext. 199 mparlin@immaculatahighschool.org
Mrs. Deirdre Rosinski* Ext. 160 drosinski@immaculatahighschool.org

*denotes Department Chair