The support provided by alumni and benefactors is critically important in the funding of our tuition assistance, scholarship and other special subject programs. Please DONATE NOW in support of the following areas:

Annual Giving

Annual Giving is the backbone of our efforts in the Advancement Office. We need your help in providing for the everyday expenses that tuition alone cannot cover. Your generosity helps stave off significant tuition hikes and enables us to provide exceptional educational experiences for our students.

Tuition Assistance Scholarship Fund

Rising tuition costs remain a sometimes-insurmountable obstacle for students considering Catholic education. All funds donated to this scholarship fund will support the assistance given to registered students who have demonstrated need through an application for assistance.

Guardian Angel Scholarship Program

This program (started January 2019) has been established to allow for the memorial of deceased family members, beloved teachers, honorable coaches and cherished classmates. All donations to this fund will go directly to tuition assistance for enrolled Immaculata students. All Guardian Angels will be remembered at our annual Spartan Memorial Mass each February.

Immaculata Merit Scholarship Fund

Merit scholarships are awarded to academically outstanding students applying for admittance to Immaculata for freshman year. Support of this scholarship assists us in recognizing the hard work of this exceptional group of applicants and enables students to see some early rewards for their exemplary efforts in the area of academics.

Immaculata Unitas Caritas Scholarship Fund

The Unitas Caritas Scholarships are awarded to those selected from student applicants entering their freshman year. This scholarship awards students who best exemplify the Four Pillars of Immaculata (Faith, Scholarship, Service and Friendship). Support of this scholarship encourages and rewards students who are well rounded in their activities while demonstrating exemplary respect and service to others with a solid foundation in their faith community.

Endowment Fund

Donations to our school’s Endowment Fund are restricted. Only interest earned on the Endowment Fund is utilized in support of the school for tuition assistance, academic programs or other needs as identified by the administration. As the Endowment Fund grows, so does the interest and amount available for our use, for years to come. A gift to the Endowment Fund is truly a gift that keeps giving.

The Robert Colucci '08 Award for Leadership

In honor of Class of 2008's Rob Colucci's leadership role at Immaculata, a scholarship, based on merit and need, has been established. The recipient will be a rising Senior who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in the Immaculata community. This scholarship will be awarded annually.

Michael Nunes ‘86 Scholarship Fund

Michael Nunes’ energetic and gregarious nature thrived with his constant random acts of kindness in support of many unsuspecting individuals. Mike’s memory is honored in this scholarship by his family, friends and classmates who contribute to this fund and act as the selection committee annually.

Harry Creasy '79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Harry Creasy epitomized a true Spartan, by his kindness, sense of responsibility, and commitment to his family and faith to this school community. The Harry Creasy Scholarship has been developed by his family, friends and classmates to honor his memory within the Immaculata community on an annual basis.

Thank you for your generous support!